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Lecture 3

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Damian Dupuy

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Lecture 3 French Bastides Role of the Church being a dominant structure in the medieval city They were very small fortified city Industrial and Post Industrial Urbanization Most significant urbanization occurred after the industrial revolutionth 19 century cities were places of population concentrationso Started to attract pop because they were offering jobs Great Britain was the central of urbanization in the 1900s the most urbanized population Cities then became more specialized as a result of market forces North American Urbanization Related to colonization by Spanish French and Englisho Earlisest settlements during Spanish occupation in south west eg Texas Arizonanew MexicoCalifornia o English colonization began in 1565o Dutch EstablishedFort OrangeAlbany and New AmsterdamNew thYorkin the 17 centurytrading postso Quebec founded by the French in 1608 followed by Montreal in 1620o English colonization was the big oneth Westward movement of pop urbanization in the 19 century Borcher 1967 identifies 4 key phases in the development of North American urban system Phases shaped size and location of citiesin addition to their internal structureurban geographers want to understand the internal structure of the city change and what has led to that change Phases relate urban change to advances in technologyespecially transportation Stage I 19701830 Frontier Mercantilism 1790 was first US census most important urban places were Atlantic coastNYC Philadelphia Boston Halifax Cities were commercial centres Little industry some traditional craftscandle makershoe makeronly provided for the very small neighbourood the provider often lived in that shop
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