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Lecture 4

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Damian Dupuy

Lecture 4 Cities as Centres of Production Cities as Centres of Manufacturing and Service Delivery  Why is here a functional specialization among cities (especially manufacturing activity)? o Some towns/cities are considered one specific production, ex. coal , steel production , technology Centres (kitchen, waterloo – based on blackberry being a key producer in the area)  Why are larger cities more economically diversified than smaller cities? o Look at the type of jobs  Why do some cities have concentrations of corporate head quarters while others do not? o Headquarter functions, tend to be the main decision making sections, where they are made are where the higher intellectual individuals there. Those people will have higher incomes Cities as Centres of Manufacturing  Manufacturing is one of the most important components of urban growth o Producer services – they specialize in one thing they provide. Ex. financial services – to support manufacturing o Major job loss is in where the assembly takes lace o You still need the services that look at the economical conditions to help the manufacturing companies  Helps Explain o Development of the urban system – ex is the automobile were to move south or just go back to japan then there will be drastic conditions on Toronto o The emergence of large industrial metropolises o Specialization of cites in particular industries o Difference in rates of growth, due to that specialization. Ex, if cities that specialize in steel grow faster than another specialization  Components of types of goods o Durable goods – not used up in the production process, have a significant amount of value added to the city. Ex. machinery, automotive o Non-durable goods – ex. Processing of iron ore, because u use up most of the iron ore to produce the steel  Value Added o High value added (technology, electronics, etc.) – cities tend to be richer o Low value added (textiles, furniture, etc.)  Stage in the production process o Processing – of raw material o Fabrication – of parts o Assembly / integration – of parts in to, finished product Manufacturing
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