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Silvia D' Addario

GGR124: November 7 Lecture Migration and the Changing City How does migration affect the geography of the city? Migration: The movement of people from one place to another. Often implied that it is permanent. Globalization can only take place in part due to the movement of people. And people can only move like they do today because of globalization due to increasing innovation in technology- a recursive relationship. Global Scale of Migration: Key Trends:  Migration is increasing  Increasing spatial extent- due to better transportation people move to different places- new demand for labor that is attracting people.  Key areas for settlement- US, Canada, Australia, some European Counties  Migration is diversifying- economies are developing and new categories of migration are developing (different streams)  Migration is becoming transnational today (people have multiple homes and connect with many different places)- people identify with different places and hold on to their culture The state and International Migration Push/Pull Factors  What factors promote out migration? Political instability, famine, lack of resources, persecution  What factors attract migrants? Job opportunities, economic growth, good healthcare, education system, social networking, safety Attraction to a city: established ethnic communities, local labor market. The Canadian Context of Immigration Phases of Canadian immigration will often reflect the economic status of the country. Key Characteristics (until 1960)  Immigration policy based on a preference for European immigration on the assumption they could only assimilate  Obtained Exclusionary policies (1885 Chinese Head Tax; The Continuous Journey Policy- discouraged common wealth immigrants Komagata Maru)  Market Forces determine flows of immigrati
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