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University of Toronto St. George
Silvia D' Addario

GGR124: October 24 Lecture The Social Construction of Nature The social construction of space challenges environmental determinism When space and society influence each other it is called social-spatial relations  It allows us to understand that spaces change over time and they overlap  Different people have different experiences with space. Some see nature, real estate or commercial Environmental determinism- social construction of space moves away from this  Humans are predisposed to certain behaviors based on their natural environments  Leads to justification to racism. Ex the tropical zones are predisposed ot a certain sense of a relaxed attitude because of their location in the world (likely to have undeveloped economy) 1) Nature and urban are not separate spaces: they are co-constructions.  this relationship sets up a binary opposition- the idea that something is not in the relationship with something else  ex in order for humans to gain asense of progress as modern human beings- there needs to be a separation between uncivilized nature and civilized societies- results in the creation of a binary (we understand that the urban is everything that nature is not) 2) Nature became outside the industrial society  A landscape is a visual representation of the environment- it is codified in a symbolic way in which we give value and meaning to certain landscapes- these meanings are reflections of culture, our identity and us.  Class and culture may reflect what we see as valued and what we believe to be nature- this is the recursive relationship between society and space- this will reflect how we live and carry ourselves Nature becomes a meaningful landscape- people will pay more for a landscape that is naturalized God nature vs. Bad Nature  Good nature- things attributed to good health, good mood  Bad nature- not as valued Nature as passive/ nature as an actor  Passive: humans act upon nature by consuming and extracting and controlling it- ex: industrialization; water ways and rivers- use it in order to urbanize  Active: nature is non-human actins? It plays a role in chan
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