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URB Lect 10 Geography of housing Housing Defined - People living in a single dwelling Immigrant Households - The head of a household is born outside Canada, larger than average family size, more likely to have lower incomes. Homeowners vs. Renters House vs. Home 60% are owners, 40% rent in Canada alone. Increase in ownership and decrease in rentals. In geography, critical to talk about the differences between home and house, key differences include: House is physical, locateable, whereas, home is more personal, span in multiple locations, associated more with loved ones rather than a dwelling. Concentric Zone model by the Chicago school - social organization of the urban. Urban Ecology by Murdie - Organized social space as ethnic, family, economic status and physical space. Murdie argued that economic status has sectoral patterns, family status has zonal effect (concentric zone matters when you have a family), ethnic status has clustered effects. He's saying that the Chicago model makes sense, but you have to see this in a 3D way, not created equally as it is all dependent on identity, family and income. Housing Selection Social Distance (perceived distance based on race, religion, sexuality, etc.) and Imposed segregation (Not able to select residential locations, inhibited by ethnic and racial backgrounds -AfricVille and whites in suburbs) Congregation and self-imposed segregation (Ethnic enclaves, suburbanizing new groups-no longer white families, settling around religious institutions - peace village, ethnic theme malls - pacific mall and ethnoburbs - richmond hill) Gentrification and displacement - working class neighbourhood to an upper class one, creates displacement and changes the way the city and suburb looks. People displaced in the city causes them to look for housing in the suburbs. Affordable housing and public housing - Effects the geography of immigrant settlements, subsidized/clustered model. Housing Factors Affordability - More than 30% on housing = core housing stress, 50% of income on housing = critical housing stress. Adequacy - Is it substandard, need repairs, many in Toronto face this issue. Suitability - Size of the dwelling match the occupants, bedrooms and washrooms. Safety - Feminist addition to housing stress, sexuality or domestic abuse, can occur in the community at large, not just the dwelling. Housing Crisis - Triple Squeeze - Housing cost - Inceasing shelter cost, with income staying the same.Affordability squeeze - Housing stock - Growing population due to immigration, coming to just T
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