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Dr.Silvia D' Addario

Urb Week 9 Migration - Movement from one place to another. Globalization - Increasing connectedness between places, the increasing movement of people due to increased technology. Generally settler nations - where most people settle, areas of settlement are still concentrated, regardless of increased movement of people. Diverse Migration patterns People are moving for work, asylum, business class, family reunification. Migration is transnational People are moving to areas where they can maintain their ethnicity/culture, still connected to their home country. Settling in a way that isn't just about one place, people are connected to multiple places. These places become more connected as a result. The State and International Migration Push/Pull factors Promote out migration - Push -Repressive government, Weak economy, Social Institutions are weak, Racial/Ethnic tensions. Attract Migrants - Pull - Economic opportunity, Safety/Freedom, Social Institutions. Why settle in the city - Social Capital (having resources within the community, networks) Housing market, higher job availability. Economy is a main determinant in migration - For Canada Canadian Immigration Key Characteristics - Race Restriction/European Selection - Would be able to better assimilate/apart of the dominant culture. - Exclusionary policies (Chines Head Tax = Pay to enter Canada from 50-500, Continuous Journey = Indians had to make a nonstop journey to enter Canada) - Market forces determine migration - Tap ON/Tap OFF - Open the doors when the economy is good, but close the doors to immigration when the economy is bad. Important Changes !! - Changed the face of Canada - Universal Selection System - 1967 - From race base to skill base, changes the ethno-composition of Canadians. Went from a white society to a diverse society. ImmigrationAct - 1976 - Points system and four classes of migrants. Business Program - 1978 - Entrepreneurs and Investors. Some people can bypass the immigration system if they have the right amount of money, Either by making a company that employs Canadians or Invest in Canadian companies. Immigrant and Refugee ProtectionAct - 2001 - Promoting 'good' economic immigrants while cracking down on 'others' - Promotes economic immigrants and penalizes refugees if they are suspicious of criminal activity. Majority of the individuals coming to Canada, migrate as skilled workers. Who Qualifies ? Selection Factor - Points: Education - 25 Proficiency in English/French - 24 Experience - 21 Age - 10 Arranged Employment in Canada - 10 Adaptability -10 Total - 100 Pass Mark - 67 The system is very classist, discriminatory, inadvertently racist = Canada's system Who's Settling ? Majority of people migrating to Canada before 1971 were European, but by 2006 the Majority are from Asia. Place of Urban Residence - Immigrants are more likely to reside in cities, specifically Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canadian- borns are more likely to reside elsewhere. Modes of Incorporation Assimilation - Best described by the concentric zone And Integration (Multiculturalism) Assimilation - Processes by which immigrants acquire
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