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Dr.Silvia D' Addario

Urb124 Lecture 7 The Social Construction of Nature Ideas are created by and in society. Use of symbols to create meaning, space is not a given concept. We construct and define space and then impose these ideas on other cultures. Deterministic aspect of nature, describes nature as untouched from humans and humans have to adapt to environmental conditions. Pre-disposed with certain charateristics to survive their environment. - Environmental Determinism. Nature-Urban are co-constructions, when we produce ideas of the urban, we also produce ideas of nature. Geographical separation and discursive or meanings that we give kind of separation - the wild and untamed nature. We give meaning to landscape, perceptions vary between individuals. Recursive relationship between nature and society, natural spaces define us and vice versa. Power and Money used to naturalise the value and importance of certain landscapes. Good nature is the value of natural landscapes, attributed to good health. Bad nature is not a valuable part of nature, unidealistic aspects. Nature as passive - humans act upon nature, extract, consume and control it. Scenic views. Nature as actors - Plays a role in changing and shaping social processes. Process of urbanization is constrained or liberated depending on the natural environment. Nature or Urban? Wildlife Bridge in the Netherlands, Central Park - New York River Thames - London Crop field -Alberta Forest - Sumatra Katrina - New Orleans The Chicago School of Urban Sociology Study of biology and ecology legitimized the study Science over natu
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