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Dr.Silvia D' Addario

About Geography - Writing about the earth - Human geography: how have humans altered and continue to alter the landscape and environment - Urban geography: the relationship between society and space in cities. The particular ways urban form influences process of change and their outcomes for society and other places. Key Definitions Geography Space Place Territoriality Space Is a site for things to happen and has generative properties (can make things happen, influence action) Space and Society have a recursive relationship Cities occur in space and make space “Cities are simultaneously the products and shapers of economic, social, and political change.” (Knox & McCarthy, 2005: 3) Place Place is the particular location where varying sets of socio-spatial relations interact (Doreen Massey) The meanings that are ascribed to a particular location that often allow for identities to be expressed spatially “The distinctiveness of particular metropolitan regions, cities, districts, and neighbourhoods is central to the analytical heart of urban geography: mapping variability, identifying regularities in spatial patterns, and establishing the linkages that constitute functional regions and subareas.” (Knox & McCarthy, 2005:3) Territoriality “The tendency for particular groups within a society to attempt to establish some for of control, dominance, or exclusivity within a localized area”. (Knox and McCarthy, 2005: 575) For some groups the space then becomes a part of their identity Scale A socially constructed representation of space where social relations play out across them
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