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urban politics

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Deborah Cowen

Urbanization Lecture October 11, 2011 Last Week • Post-industrial urban landscape • Industrial-Manufacturing to consumption places; ex. Include the waterfront; they are spaces directed to pleasure and recreation rather than industrial areas • High end services: FIRE [finance, insurance, real estate] • Ghettos and citadels • Racialized and gendered geographies of precarious work • Gentrification; good example is Greenwich Village in New York Elite Enclaves and Citadels • A spatially concentrated area • Creation of elite space where there is nice landscape, good quality housing and inhabited with people who have resources • Wealthy area where the people have kind of segregated themselves from other people • Enclave: spatially concentrated area of a particular population group defined by religion, ethnicity and people come together to enhance their economic, social political and cultural development Ghettos • Segregated racialized poverty • Ex. South Bronx in the 1970’s Urban Politics Municipal government in Canada • Has a history in the British system • Is probably one of the most democratic levels of government today • Were created to monitor and manage property and the process of politics around property ownership • Canadian cities were founded through colonial processes • Cities have very little legal standing in the Constitution; li
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