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urban renewal and africville

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University of Toronto St. George
Deborah Cowen

Urbanization Lecture November 1, 2011 Africville • Was formed because of racism in Nova Scotia • It was a way of them to build a community • The conditions seen in the film were poor; no paved roads or sewers and there was a garbage dump and a lot of industrial uses located in Africville • The dump created a stigmatized and derogatory character for Africville • Poor but people were self-sufficient • Very little welfare use • Were given $500 for their land and were placed in social housing • Went from independent to dependent; no longer landowners Lessons from Africville • Like Dubois said, we can’t understand just by looking within a segregated community; we have to look at society and a city more broadly • Racism across society propelled black residents to settle together and build Africville Urban Renewal • Areas that had become slums should be bulldozed and cleared out and used for other things such as stadiums • Usually a poor neighbourhood and usually an African American neighbourhood • Public housing and highways were also built in these neighbourhoods • Renewal can also mean redeveloping neighbourhoods; the first definition was used in the US in history • Ex. Was Regent Park and the redevelopment of it; from houses to apartments [social housing] Redlining • Was made possible by a particular kind of collaboration between banks and the US government • One way while coming out of the depression, the US built homes and buildings for housing and jobs • Federal Housing Administration helped people buy homes • Banks refused to provide mortgages to properties within red- lined area; you saw a lot
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