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Urban Transportation

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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

^TSZ^SZ_\[^`S` [Z WVZW_VS S^UŷŴŶŴŵŵ ^TSZ^SZ_\[^`S` [Z O ^TSZ^SZ_\[^`S` [Z__`WS[c_\W[\WSZVY[[V_`[[bWc ` ZSZVTW`cWWZa^TSZS^WS_ O \W^S` [ZS\S` SWX Z ` [Z O ¦`W\_ USV _`SZUWTW`cWWZ`c[\[ Z`_ _Z[`U^aU S^S`W^ ` _`WWS_W[X`^SbWTW`cWWZ `[_W\[ Z`_ [aVTWWS_ W^`[[bWS[ZY[ZYW^V _`SZUW_U[\S^WV`[V _`SZUWc ` ZSa^TSZU[^W ^SZ_\[^`S` [ZU` b `_`W_Z`W^SU` [Z O [ZZWU` [ZTW`cWWZ`WU[ UW[aSW[ZcW^W[a bWSZV[c`S`^WS`W_`[ `^SZ_\[^`S` [ZU[ UW_`S`S^WSVW`[[a ^TSZU` b `_`W O GSZVWbW[\WZ` ST[a`[a_ ZYSZV`WU[ UW_\W[\WSWc `^W_\WU``[cW^W`W bW O G[US` [Z[ UW `WSU`aSU[ UW O U` b `UWVaW_ [caU` W[a_\WZV[ZUW^`S ZSU` b ` W_ O U` b ` S``W^Z_ V[[aSbWS^WYaS^_UWVaW[XSU` b ` W_WSUVS" ^SZ_\[^`S` [Z_`W O ^SZ_\[^`S` [ZW`c[^ X[[`\S`_^[SV\S`_^WXWU` ZY[c\W[\WYW`X^[\SUW`[\SUW O a`[[T WcZW^_ \ cW`W^[a[cZSZSa`[[T W O ^SbWWSZV VWSZVV XXW^WZ`S\\^[SUW_`[`^SbWS`V XXW^WZ`` W_[X`WVSSZV` _ V _^a\`_`WX[c[X\W[\W ^TSZ^SZ_\[^`S` [Z O ^TSZX[^ _S[_`WZ` ^WV U`S`WVT`WSa`[[T W O bWZ$\WVW_`^ SZX^ WZV%U[aZ ` W_S^WYa `c `U[\ [a_YS^SYW_\SUW O a `X[^SZVUa`TSU_`[`^SZ_ `SbWSVW[c`^SZ_ `a_SYWS_WXXaX ZY\^[\WU W[\W[bW Z`[`WUWZ`^W[X`WU `Va^ ZY`WVS` WSZV[bW[a`[ZUWZ Y`XSS^^ bW_ ^SXX U [bWWZ`SZV[ZYW_` [Z O [ZYW_` [Z^WVaUW_WXX U WZU ` _Z[`\^[VaU` bW`[SbWSZWXXWU` bWc[^X[^UW_ `` ZY ZSUS^X[^[a^_ WVaUW_`WWXX U WZU[X`WWU[Z[ U__`W Z `_[cZU^WS`W_`^WWZV[a_ ZWXX U WZU W_ Z`WWU[Z[ U__`W O ^WbS ZY\S^SV Y Zŵ)ŹŴ_SZVźŴ_-Ta VT YYW^W.\^W__cS_ O WW\ST bSWZUWST[a``W VWS[XW.\^W__cS_Ta`Z[ZW^WS`WV`[Sa`[a_SYW ^[cV ZY[Z aT U^SZ_ ` O [ZUWZ`^S`WVS`\S^` UaS^` W_/\^[TW _SU[XUS\SU `SZV_aTcSUS^_ ZYWZW^S0 O GSU[X ZbW_`WZ`S_WV`[ Z_aXX U WZ`US\SU ` XX WSZSVW]aSU[X aT U^SZ_ ` O ZSZU S __aW_S__[U S`WVc `S Z`S Z ZY\WSb[aW_W^b UWVa^ ZY[XX\WS[a^_ XX Ua` W_X[^ WVW_`^ SZ_ O a`[[T W[cZW^_ \TWU[ ZYW__[XSU[ UW 2 `SU[X_aXX U WZ`XaZV ZYX[^\aT U`^SZ_ `\W[\WV[Z%`SbWSU[ UWSZVa_`a_WUS^ O 2S ZYZ[`_WWZS_Sb STW[VW[X`^SZ_\[^`S` [Z Zb ^[ZWZ`S\SU` O [__ aWTa^Z ZYWZY ZW_ ZWV`[S ^\[a` [Z O Z_[W_`S`W_SUW^`S Z\W^UWZ`SYW[XSZWcSa`[[T W_a_`TWYS_[ ZWÈWWU`^ UT^ V_ aT U4WS`ÈUU VWZ`_ O ŷŴŴŴSZSV SZ_SZVŸŴŴŴŴW^ USZ_ WVWS^ ZSa`[[T WSUU VWZ`_ O S^U Z[YWZ_ ZSa`[W.Sa_` O TW_ ` aTa^TSZ 6S` [ZÊ`^SZ_\[^`S` [ZÊ[TW_ `Ê YWbW_[X_`^W__/U[^^WS`
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