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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

Lecture #4: Cities and Center of Production linkages are the glue which hold urban systems together • Economic linkages Cities as Centres of Manufacturing and Service Delivery Services in support of manufacture or in support of production • Why is there a functional specialization among cities (especially manufacturing activity. o Ie ICT sector- waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto- Computer hardware manufactured o Digital media center- t.o liberty village area • Why are larger cities more economically diversified than smaller cities? • Why do some cities have concentrations of corporate headquarters while others do not o Fortune 500 companies: most located north of NYC Cities as Centers of Manufacturing • Manufacturing is one of the most important component of urban growth o 80% of employment is in services to support manufacturing or production activity o Logistic and accounting decisions take place in the home location even if production is else where ie Apple, designed in California made in china o Large contributor to GDP growth • Help to explains o Development of the Urban system:  Supply chain is scattered globally o The emergence of large industrial metropolises o Specialization of cities in particular industries  Helps explains growth rates b.c of specialization ie car production in Ottawa o Differences in rates of growth due to specialization Classifying Manufacturing Places (4) • Components or types of goods o Durable goods o Non-durable • Value-added o High value added (technology, electronics) o Low value added (textiles, furniture)  Ie Metal
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