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Damian Dupuy

Lecture 5 Urbanization y Interaction and linkages are vital in urbanization y How would u describe a primate city a nascent city disproportionate share of the countrys pop one city might contain the most pop of the country y Intermediate distribution y Function of the urban area centers of production and consumption in the economic perspective theyre arenas of producing goods and supplying services centres of creative and innovation tech change and design and engineering linkages glue that keeps cities together and the urbanization runningtrading economic linkages y Cities are centre of manufacturing and service delivery y The postindustrial society vs industrial society y Higher skilled occupations revolving around manufacturing engineering etc is still taken place y Why is there a functional specialization among cities esp manufacturing activity certain centres emerge as engineering centre industrial centres etc y Why r larger cities more economically diversified than smaller they tend to have greater variety in economical a presentation certain areas are known for certain things and have greater things Oshawa GMC y Y do some cities have concentration of corporate headquarters while other dnt much of decision making are take
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