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Damian Dupuy

March 22011 Geo Lecture Housing y At the macro lvl pop in north America is becoming more urbanized UNEP reports that 77 of North American pop is urban Over next 20 yrs over 300 million will live in urban areas y US holds greater pop over Cnda US300 million Cnda33 million y Natural popmore births less deaths y Natural pop decrease when births are less and deaths are more y Most of the pop increase is in the states of the south and south west in US because of anchor babies and migration the shift has come from the north mid eastwest to the south in the north east there isnt much urbanization y 54is the avg rate of pop growth in cnda y Ontario is growing faster than the natural avg over half of the increase in bwtwn 20012006 comes from Ontario y Much of the population in Ont is from migration y If cnda shut down the migration gate the labour market would collapse we depend on migration a lot y Fastestlargest growing metropolitan area in ONT is Barrie followed by Oshawa y GTA pop has increased by 20 over the last 10 yrs 850000 ppl y Every 610 yrs GTA has to provide room for 600000 ppl what also has to be
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