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Damian Dupuy

Urb Lec April 6 y What is government ability to tax and generate other revenue ability to regulates land commerce etc ability to solve social problemshousing health managing revenue taxes and providing legal structure and dealing with social issues governmentmanagement of a city and process of the city y Canadian municipal systemconstitutional status roots in british law and practice enshrined in law thru constitution act1867 2 order of gov under the constitutionalfederal and provincial municpalistis prived for under classes of subject y Cities cant exist unless they r governed by provincial legislation y In Ontario municipal establishes municipalities y Provincial legislation allows cities to be created and governed y Cities exist becuz of the province y Role of gov federal no legal or legislative authority in regards to municipalities municipalities are creature of the province fed gov is an important contributor towards quality of urban life taxation and other fiscal policieslargescale infrastructure provision big things within the city money to fund pearson airportfederal funded ttcs go train etc is all fed funded immigration policyfed is what allows migrationsettlement funding also fed funded y Roles of the provincial municipalities exist cuz of provincial responsible for health care edu and many social services directindirect provision of infrastructure ex gas taxindirect key role in municipal landuseprovincial planning act 1990provincial policy statementgoverns farm land y Province dictates what municipalities can do y Roles of municipal considerable variation in terms of what municipalities provideOntariomunicipalities provide many social servicesin quebec social services are provided provincially y In general all municipalities carry out fire protection local street and road construction
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