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Damian Dupuy

Lecture 8Housing Urban march 9 y The theory of filtering used to explain changes in housing occupancy over time developed by HoytFiltering existed in cnda up to the 1970s y since then a process of reverse filtering has been occurring highest income in the core and the lower income outside of the corethis is also known as gentrificationmodel of neighbourhood changey all neighbourhoods have or are going through gentrification king street Yorkville werent always rich 1015 yrs ago they were poor y gentrificationclassic stage model original pioneers this is where u have artists moving in into neighbourhoods certain hotels attract the artists although mainly the middle class ppl use the hotel services like drinking etc y Berlin has gone thru a change in social and economic change it has now a lot of amazing architecture y Block by block expansion As you get the artist neighbourhood moving in the community gets a buzz and the community starts get stmoney the neighbourhood loses its edge and it starts to lose the reason of the creation of it in the 1 place more expensive coffee shops comes in it becomes more industrial than traditional more rich ppl go live there they can afford the expensive items block by block meaning that it starts in one block of the neighbourhood and carries thru to others y Transformation in exclusive district l
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