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Damian Dupuy

Lecture 4 Urban life An introduction to urban Geography Urban system y Linkages is the single most important word to describe urbanization y Urb doesnt take place without linkages y Only when trades link with mercantilism do u then see the linkages beginning to arise y Roles of tech mainly transportation technology is also important y Urban system a set of geographically bounded cities that share a number of common attributes and that interact with each oa more significant extent than cities our side the system common set of linkages that are participants within the system cities within the system are stronger than the cities that are outside the system no city exists or grows in a vacuum cities dont exist on their own connections exist with other cities dependencyone city dependant on another like one city is dependent on another city based on lumber or transfer payments etc competition ppl compete for certain resources and profit maximization cities shouldnt be gaining any sort of profit becuz then that means the gov is keeping the money and not giving it back to the community thru resources or benefits Transportationcities r linked by transportation railroads etcit is a important connector between areas y Types of Urban Systems geographic Scale internationalGlobalNationalRegional provincial system of cities or parts of provinces like southern ont there is probably greaterstronger linkages in southern ont than other provinces Windsor and Toronto have a good trades linkage and it is stronger than other city linkages Functionalproductionbasedconsumerorientatedspecialized services EX role of transfer payments Ottawa provides a service for the rest of the country in payments another ex politics y Evolution of the Urban Systems Classic organic Modeltrade surplus taking placesocial surplus and agglomeration Colonial ex Vance mainly based on trade external settlement selectiontrade relationship based on colonization
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