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Damian Dupuy

GGR124: Lecture 1 N Course revolves around the macro study of cities in the contemporary and historical context N North American urban layout is based on the Greek and Roman models N The city is a system: urban system N The micro approach (the individual city) consists of studying the internal relationships between the various elements of cities N The latter view regroups the social, economical end infrastructural factors that interact with each other N ^L2}2ZZ]_ N Urbanization concepts will cover the methodology of urban geographical study N Urban growth and evolution will delve into the progress of cities N The purposes of urban centres and their subsectors will be evaluated N Cities consist of a social space N Housing is the prime component in urban social development N City governance determines how it functions in relation to all other levels of government N Urban: permanent settlement of a concentrated, dense population. The social mass is entirely heterogeneous (Wirth 1938); cities con
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