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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

GGR 124 lecture 4 The Urban System N The urban system is a set of cities bound together that share common attributes and that interact with each other in a more direct way then cities outside of this system N A city cannot exist on its own (does not flourish in a vacuum) N Connections with other cities are based upon dependency, competition and transportation N Cities are not supposed to generate a profit; profit would indicate that the city is not providing the necessary services for its citizens since there is a surplus that should be used for services N Transportation linkage is an important connector of urban areas N Urban system types (levels of analysis on the geographic scale): International National Regional (province, parts of the province) N Functional analysis: Production based (assembly base) Consumer oriented (market source) Specialised service N The classical view of urban evolution is agglomeration and social surplus N Colonial model suggests that a settlement is selected by a colonial power who will determine the speed of growth; this system eventually moves inland to exploit raw materials; growth then shifts to the classic model of evolution N Na
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