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Damian Dupuy

GGR 124 lecture 5 Cities as centres of production N Exam covers all course material up until end of this lecture N Mid-term will contain multiple choice questions and short answer questions N Primate city (city within a primate system): central city containing the majority of the regional population N Cities are often divided into sectors such as production, service, transportation, residential, commercial, etc. N One way to analyse a city is as a centre of manufacture and service delivery N Why is there a functional specialization among cities in manufacturing activity? N Why larger cities are more economically diversified than smaller cities? N Why are some cities concentrations of corporate headquarters while others not? N Manufacturing is one of the most important factors in urban growth; much of early urbanisation is driven by manufacture N Manufacture helps us define the development of urban systems and the emergence of metropolises N Manufacture also defines how city specialization occurs: a city specialises in one specific type o manufacture; this in turn helps us define growth rates as a result of specialisation N Manufacturing activity contributes to the growth of the labour market and the production of usable goods for trade and city use N Classifications of manufacturing space: Components or types of goods (durable goods, non-durable goods) Value-added: the addition of va
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