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Damian Dupuy

Midterm Notes Lecture 1 Urban DefinitionLouis Worth 1938Large dense relatively permanent settlements of socially heterogeneous peopleLewis Mumford 1961Cities were a fundamental cultural institutionBunting and Filion 2010A place of intense social interation and exchange between strangersAgglomeration o Dense concentration of people and activity o A jumbled cluster or mass of varied parts o Key CharateristicsDensityProximityDiversityConcept of urbanization and deurbanization o Rural population growth is higher than urban population growthMetropolitanization o Bigger urban areas growing faster than smaller urban areasSuburbanization o Shifting population balance between suburban portions of metropolitan areas and rest of the countryMeasuring urban places o Population o Economic Base o Administration o FunctionalUnderstanding Geography I o System of cities o City as a systemUnderstanding Geography II o Descriptivedescription of patterns and processes o Interpretiveexamining how people understand and react to process and patterns o ExplanatoryLook for the origins of these patterns and processesApproaches to Urban Geography I o Environmentalism th Dominant upto the 20 centuryRelationship between people and environmentSite and situation studiesUrban morphologyApproaches to Urban Geography II o PositivismParadigm shift in 1950Human behavior determined by scientific and universal lawsTwo broad approachesEcologicalo Human behavior based on ecology
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