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Lecture Note - Sept 21 - What is a City?

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University of Toronto St. George
Deborah Cowen

Sept 21 What is a City? Go and look at cities - no one seems to know what they are. - William Morris Davis, 1907 Todays Questions: 1. What is a city? 2. How are cities defined and by whom? What is a city? Definition: 3. An inhabited place of greater size, population, or importance than a village or town 4. Any large centre of population, often distinguished from a village or town by the delivery of economic and cultural activities within it 5. The traditional concept of a a town or city would be a free-standing built-up area with a service core with a sufficient number and variety of shops and services, including perhaps a market, to make it recognisably urban in character. It would have administrative, commercial, educational, entertainment and other social and civic functions and, in many cases, evidence of being historically well established. A local network of roads and others means of transport would focus on the area, and it would be a place drawing people for services and employment from surrounding areas. It would ofte
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