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Deborah Leslie

The Tar Sands and Staples theory • Geography: we live right next to the world's largest consumer of oil • Institutions: govt has played an imp role in playing a role in the development of the technique of being able to foam of the mixture from the surface. govt research is very critical • we won't' have this resource without the govt being able to lease this land to companies • been leased out on very favourable terms (subsidies) . large multinational oil companies. generous subsidies • low royalty rates- most other parts of the world the govt charges a lot more. in Canada- royalty rates are only 1% until you've paid your construction and development costs, after that they're 25%. incredible tax holiday that large multinational companies are able to enjoy. the govt is not making so much money off it. • federal tax holidays (Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance) • Foreign investment: wouldn't have seen this development if it wasn't for foreign investment • free trade encourages an environment where partnerships and businesses are flourishing. institutions are of critical importance to how industries develop • technology has now been imported and so have the other resources used in the process • little R&D Problems in respect to the Tar Sands: 1.we may have reached the point of peak oil: the worlds supply of fossil fuels is on a downward slope…will have to develop reliable options of renewable sources of energy 2.Climate change: contribution of tar sands to climate change, green house emissions, so much public concern over this issue.
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