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GGR221 Lec 10 Commodity Chains

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Deborah Leslie

Lec 10 Commodity Chains March2414103 PMMoviesPlanet Money Makes a tshirt 2013httpappsnprorgtshirttitleBlack Gold 2006 coffee Mardi Gras Made in China 2005 beads Canned Dreams 2012 can of ravioliOther terms used in the literatureFiliereSystem of provisionCommodity circuitCommodity network Global commodity chain GCCGlobal value chainGVCGlobal production network GPNSupply Chain OutlineDefining the commodity chainCommodity chain governanceWhy analyze commodity chainsDifferent theoretical approaches Definitiona network of labor and production processes whose and result is a finished commodity Hopkins and Wallerstein 1986Set of connection of people doing things to create a commoditySets of interorganizational networks clustered around one commodity linking households enterprises and states Gereffi Korzeniewicz and Korzeniewicz1994Jennifer Bair andGereffiworkCommoditiesthings of value things exchanged things exchanged for moneyCommodificationthe extension of commodity status to something that was not a commodity before More and more aspects of life commodified under capitalismCommodity chainfollowing path of commodity from raw material design production advertising retailing consumption disposal reuseGereffi and Lee 2012 full range of activities that firms and workers perform to bring a specific product from its conception to its end use and beyondCrang 2013 discuss how chains are always connected to other chains eg cycles of reuse clothingThrift shops vintage clothingMajority is shipped overseasCanada is one of the top 5 exporter of used clothing shipped to various countries Ghana Poland etcBreaking yards for Merchant Ships BangladeshHazardous job tearing down old shipsMetal in the ships are recycledUsed to make metal rods furnitureInterest in commodity chains grows out of globalization of supply chains Global outsourcing not just in manufacturing but in services food RD Length of chains have been extendedA verticalrather than a horizontal approach Horizontal approachemphasizes one site on one chain or emphasize relationships between commodities at distinct sites on the chain such as the retailing industry or advertising industryLectures Page 1
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