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Lecture 5

Week 5 - Fordism

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Deborah Leslie

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Week 5GGR221Fordism1945 post war period on until 1970sthorigins lie in early 20 centuryintroduction of Taylorism scientific management after Frederick taylor wrote a book called principles of scientific management 1911separation conception and execution workers used to know more about the product than the managerstheory of scientific management use of knowledge to control each step in the production processodictate in a lot of detail the job and how it would be done how long it would take Management should actually study the diff tasks needed they should measure how long it takes to do the tasks organize them in the most efficient manner possible to enhance productivityofollows old ideas of adam smith famous example of making the pinMax efficiency achieved when we divide jobs up in production processdeskilling workersEasier to hire workers and cheaper labouroTimemotion studiesused a stop watch to time the workers and each task Study to see how the movements could be performed more efficientlyGrab things in the quickest way possible put them together quickeroMany companies in the USA adopted this methodthose who did realized tremendous gains the cost of goods came downCritical problem if Taylorism gave rise to incredible boom in 1920s limits to taylorismbecame apparent in 1930sincredibly new productive industrial systems great quantitiesof goods being pumped out but nobody could afford to buy these products1930s is a crisis of overproductionWorkers were paid such low wages and for such long hours that they just couldnt buy the goodsFinal demand did not keep pace with rise in productivityIn 1933 industrial production fell to 13 of its predepression levelsoInvestment ceasedUnemployment rate of 25 Coincided with a drought which made the situation even worseThe great depression was signaled by a new production system but failed to see a new set of social relations that were compatibleinability to establish social relations suitable to new organisation productionThe solution to this crisisHenry FordImplemented taylorismscientific managementStandardized product designmodel T fordoHe brought down the cost of his good by standardizing itoIt would be cheap and accessible to the masses
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