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Geographies of Money

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Deborah Leslie

GGR221Lecture NotesMarch 16 2009Geographies of Money Access to Financial Services in PostFordismRecap from last weekImpact of technology on service centresThere are 2 dominant tendencies that dominate the location of higher end serives1despite the internet and technological changes satellites more oriented towards global cities and accumulation of clustersEg new media heavily concentrated in certain part of the US and Canadathis leads towards a trend towards further centralization and 2 decentralizationback office workers in banks Geographies of MoneyThe post fordist mode of regulation and financial servicesTransition towards a new regime of accumulation flexible model of production which is much more complex as opposed to fordismMeanwhile there is a new mode of regulationBefore states used to regulate markets but today opposite is the case and new model of regulation is coming into being due to crisis in Keynesian welfare state during 70sthis was due to rise of unemployment in North America and there was growing instability including the currencyPeople decided to dismantle the welfare state and replace it with workfare programsThis was a Schumpterian Workfare State SWS Schumpeter was profree business innovation based on supply side economicsThis was the rise of neoliberal st
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