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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Laydon

GGR240H1 - September 12 2010 - Lecture 1 History, Geography and Modernity - Slide 1 - What is Historical Geography? - Two reasons - historical geography allows us to know how the past was different, the changes that took palce nd - 2 - it also helps us to parrall with the past - Slide 2 - Abrief history of historical geography (since 1900) - 1950 - cold war, math , geometry - gov’t were driving new scientific innovation - 1970 - a new group of people come that tell that we should not forget how humanity lived - Slide 3 - Three themees of Recent Concern - Geogrpahers have turned into their own field, some may argue that its something used for war, like tactics, and other military. - Contextual - a map are all products of content- the result of work - where maps come from and how much they were invested with power. - PICTURE ( polar projectiong was none existing before WW2 , the map is powerfully linked to its context) Slide 4 - Social Life and human Identety - our attachment to the world, of how do we think about the world has changed. - ex. Vancouver picture, the Shaughnessy was basicaly a piece of England built away from home. - as many other canadian neighbourhoods, culture, history, identy are coincide closely together Slide 6 - Human - Environmental Relations - the picture - Capitalist Nature Slide 7 - - 3 themes of historical geography - Slide 8 - Modernity - Modernity was born in the wake off Columbos , where other voyagers followed him to the new world, and that’s started the new invention and innovations Slide 9 - Modern required a new meaning, and it was progress, it required to move on, constantly in process and ordinary people intervene and change. Slide 10 - United States was becomign a modern place, because of its form of gov’t , its constitu
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