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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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Joseph Laydon

EXAM QUESTION ** TURNER THESIS, check BLACK BOARD ** IMPORTANT Lecture 8 - November 1 BorderLands Slide 1 - Key themes from Last week - check slide. Slide 2 - Frontier à waggin trains - open land Slide 3 - The White City - The worlds Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893 ( Created a replica of Rome, a historian , Turner, gave a speech which was called, the significance of the frontier in the history of theAmerica - that’s his title- he proposed the famous frontier thesis, as an explanation as to why US developed and spread west, over the past century. - He did it better than others, and thte perfect time, This frontier thesis comes to dominante the american history, which is significant historical piece. -Arguments and Motives: - 1 wave of settlers à replaced by 2 wave of settlers , and they are different from each other and culture, - United States is very democratic and pure and any man can succede in anywayz, and then Turner asks how come? what is the reason for this to occur? He says the Frontier is the REASON. Slide 4 (check slide for his thesis) The 1983 Frontier Thesis of Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1832) - There is a clear evolution sequence that runs, which visualizes that to the land - The reason he gave this speech in Chicago, because it was the final frontier that expanded and grew fast. - Chicago was a best example of his thesis, which was the final achievement of the thesis and the final step of the frontier. That it has become a fully industriliazed city - In order to move further the civilization we have to keep shifting Slide 5 (Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap - You want to stand in the position of the viewer, - Party of the settlers , they are heading west, through the gap of the mountains to the frontier Slide 6 -Adifferent image, (The march of Destiny) à conquering the wiilderness Slide 7 -Asmall town in the edge of civilization, with a train perceiving, -Across the Continent Wesward the Course of Empire Takes its Way ( book name) - So its no wonder that the interpretation of the West by the Turner, its no wonder that it became promenant, he was just making an AcademicArgument. - Its interesting to see the relationship between Turner and Booster- - For Turner it was inevetibly and at the same time sad, because it was closing, it was being diminished. - Boosters for them the future is the City, which would provide the growth in terms of economy. - Everythign comes together and intersect in Chicago, according to Turner. - The point is that we can see the competing focuses, where the Turner and Boosters make arguments, however they both end up on the same conclusion. Slide 8 - William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” - Cody - the bullet as “the pioneer of civilization” - Two people having different ideas - Turner talking about the Frontier - while Frederick talks about his activities of the West - overtaking the wilderness and empty land - In Cody’s show the West was a violent a place, taking the land from savages. Slide 9 -According to Buffalo Bill show- indians were everywhere, - His motive in his show was to attack everywhere and kill savages - Buffalo Bill’s show was very complicated, white people protecting the region - Something strange is happening here, between the frontier and the battles occuring there. - Turner is calling for the mythical images through his words - buffalo bill brings this to life in his show - - History was being represented by Buffalo Bill and his Employes, a representation of the reality of what is happening in the West Slide 10 - Buffalo Bill as Myth and Icon - He was very iconing hero and fighter which then later he became much more of a showmen and farmer. - as different Turner and Cody were - they both told similar stories in the end - The closing of the frontier - Slide 11 - Turner and Cody’s shared symbols : frontier iconography - Both Turner and Cody look back at what happened and they miss it Slide 12 - The closing of the frontier, the loss of masculinity (Turner, Cody, Russel, etc) - The sense in which there is a kind of masculinity that is refered to the Frontier - there is a really regret and nastalgia of the age that has p
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