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Lecture Eleven Part ASlavery and the Atlantic Trade General Flow of body good from Western Africa to South America Todays Question What was the Atlantic slave trade Structure 1 What is a slave 2 Atlantic slave trade global enterprise 3 Slave Trade as a commodity chainSlavery What is a Property A commodity to be bought and sold in the market placeSlaveOwner can do anything heshe wants to itRights denied rights and privileges they were racially differentViolence Subject to all forms of physical and psychological violenceLabor Power an instrument of work for a slave master Can be assigned any task SexualityReproduction lost all rights to individual sexuality and reproductive capacities Offsprings were slaves as well as slave trade was illegal Inheritance lost rights across generationborn a slave always a slaveUrban slaves in Richmond gradually began to get inheritanceAtlantic Slave Trade The Atlantic slave trade existed for many years but peaked in late 18CE Global EnterpriseMore than 11 million were traded throughout 1450190015 died when they were shipped outRested on the demand for labor and profits by Europeans in Europe and the Americas and the supply of slaves by nonEuropeans Range of Atlantic urban nodes linked the different parts of the slave trade Ex The Atlantic TriangleAfrica S and N
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