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Lecture Six - Imperial Cities New York City and New Delhi.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Lewis

Lecture Six - Imperial Cities: New York City and New Delhi Today's Question: How can a city like New York City that is a part of a nation that is a republic (not monarchy) and does not have colonies be an imperial city? Structure 1. Discourse (unpins meaning around imperial) and empire a. Scobey's reading relates to the discourse shaping the empire 2. NYC and an imperial landscape 3. Social distinction inscribed in space Discourse and Empire Generally Discourse produces meaning as language (produces meaning) assigns and communicates specific relations between things. Discourse: the way you talk about a group of people  Relational sequence of language/image btw. things  Internal (within discourse) and external (to other discourse) o Ex. The way you talk about freedom fighters/terrorists changing the way we board airplanes  Creates the world of which it speaks (creating false into truth) o Produces and is produced by material forces  Legitimizes inequality and exclusion General consensus of America: national imperial expansionism and caused American empire to be linked to industrial capitalism  How the link came about? Eastern expansion to native lands and Pacific Ocean which was re-enforced by material (discourse)  Therefore the belief that modern technology would increase capital Terms (defn'ed by Scobey) Imperial derives from Latin and means to command Cities are the center of the imperial world (command posts of imperial capitalism)  NYC is discursively + materially a sample of major command post NYC and an Imperial Landscape NYC's spatial mastery in discursive and material realities (1830 - Great Depression)  City landscape expression of NYC's imperial prospects o Ex. Statue of people on high towers on top of eagle represents mastery of space and nature Propelled by discourse "As Rome in olden days, was the mistress of millions in remotest provinces, so must imperial New York fulfill [sic] a like destiny to the teeming States and territories which commerce, science and other interests shall attract towards her bosom." (NYC Citizens' Association)  Developing discourse of greatness of NYC like Rome and interdependent land as a female whose purpose is to focus on modern industrialization  This was one of the many images depicted by people at the time (relational sequence) 1 Lecture Six - Imperial Cities: New York City and New Delhi Thoughts by Scobey: How Discourse Contributes Creation of NYC Imperial landscape focused building an imperial metropolis involved in: 1. Creating a landscape that reflect capitalism (commerce) 2. Creating a landscape that reflect civilization and order (culture) a. Focused on stores/housing and infrastructure to support both ideologies (taking the land away from the discourse of savages) b. Bringing in opera, museums to be morally good 3. Neobaroque Urbanism: deployed by NYC bourgeois - built on earlier imperial forms - reflected NYC's aspiration to national and int'l greatness (looking towards Haussman) a. Bourgeois Int'l Style: i. Broad ave. (Broadway) cut the city up into clear modern section (made city open and transparent) ii. Palatial architecture (such as the 2nd Empire style in 1875 Western Union Telegraph building) which harked back to imperial Europe trumpeted NYC's
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