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The segregated colonial city: Bombay's "Modern Town"

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Robert Lewis

7 March, 2013 White washing of parts of Bombay. The city itself become an infected space. Become a space that needs to be treated. A twofold response: - get to know and enumerate the population - Inoculation of the city itself as well as people. - We need to disinfect the city itself - Working the scale of the body all the way to city space. - We have to knowledge and disease. Creating knowledge - creating an empire of knowledge - define – a subject (e.g. rioters) - transform – the unknown into the known - represent – in a variety of ways - make- something new - takes this in terms of the disease. To define the subject. Calculative agents - making a set of calculation about how they should proceed. - They make calculations and mobilization of material things. Such as buildings, body or street. - What sort of policy is going to be put in place. o E.g. White washing the wards. - What is the financial aspect of this? How to gather money - All calculation made by individual which creates material spaces. To know India - census making was part of broader intellectual movement to know India They introduces census to understand the population in India - India is an ethnographic field by European to know about that world and the knowledge can be used back in Europe - to gather data for urban population. - Census as a form of knowing India. - Maps were made and taken from census 1987 the advent of pleague - in 1901, they create a data about census - e.g. census books. - Tabulated and cross tabulated and published at very small scales
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