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Lecture 9

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Sally Turner

19/11/2012 French Canada as a ‘unique’ society 1 JacquesCartier:1534 2 3 1 19/11/2012 La Nouvelle France: 1608-1760 QuebecCity: 1608 Samuel de Champlain 4 New France in 1645 5 PhysiographicAdvantages Forests Farming 6 2 19/11/2012 Locational Advantages Fur Whales Trade Route 7 Seigneurial System 8 9 3 19/11/2012 Farming, Defense Religion: Focal point of community life Farming, Transportation 10 St. Lawrence River (2005) 11 12 4 19/11/2012 Seven Years of War: 1756-1763 European Colonial Powers Battles: Europe, Africa, India, North America, South America, Philippine Islands 13 QuebecCity held captive 1759-1763 14 Treaty of Paris (1763): Ceded control of New FrtaonBcreitain British governorinstalled 15 5 19/11/2012 Guadalupe& Martinique:Sugar resources 16 Signs of political instability 17 Quebec Act: 1774 fceera Catholic faith rftse Civil Law for private matters rulPa (administration)governed by English CommonLaw 18 6 19/11/2012 Seigneural system maintained:Why? Catholic Church played a pivotal role 19 Influxof British immigrants 20 French pushed away from prime agriculturallands furtherinland 21 7 19/11/2012 -Growing tensions turn of nineteenthcentury,rebellions 1837 -ColonialgovernorsinUpperandLowerCanadaeasil y bribed -ChateauClique–LowerCanada -FamilyCompact–UpperCanada 22 Province of Canada:1841 -Push for ‘responsible’ government -AttemptedassimilationoftheFrench -Englishbecamethesoleofficiallanguageoftheu nion -MassimmigrationofEnglish-speakersintoLowerCa nada Lord Durham: ‘Two nationswarringin the bosom of a single state’. ‘A people with no literature and no history’. 23 Catholic Church as the key to maintaining language and culture 24 8 19/11/2012 Confederation, 1867 -Economicunion -ProtectionoftheFrenchlanguage -Controlovereducationsystem -Exparirynotefrto - Ability to shape Canada’s future Equal partner? 25 26 Quebec as a % of Canada's Population 40 35 30 25 %20 15 % Canada's Population 10 5 0 1851186118711881189119011911192119311941195119611971 Year 27 9 19/11/2012 28 Quebec: 1960s -Rural -Poverty -Foreigncompanies -Churchcontrol: political policies, education,finances, welfare 29 Maurice Duplessis PM Quebec 1944-49 ‘Holy’ and ‘wholesome’ Quebec 30 10 19/11/2012 Rattapage Projet de Societe Jean Lesage: 1960-1966 31 French Canada as a ‘unique’ society Search for a new identity 32 Key issue: French language Multi-nationalcorporations 33 11 19/11/2012 Federalists Separatists Pierre Trudeau Rene Levesque 34 iClicker Question Based on the historical context provided in the first section of this lecture, do you think Quebec could best pursue ‘rattapage’ within Canada, or without Canada? a.) Within Canada (Federalists) b.) Without Canada (Separatists) 35 Quiet Revolution Transformations: cicE la-icoS 36 12 19/11/2012 Hydro-Quebec:Securing the province’s future 37 Manicouagan:Daniel-JohnsonDam Symbolic value 38 “Thedevelopment ofJames Bay is the key to economic progress in Quebec; it is also key to its social progress and its political stability: it is the future of Quebec.” - Robert Bourassa James Bay Hydroelectric Dam, 1972 39 13 19/11/2012
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