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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Guest Lecture Week 8 Geographies of Immigration and Multiculturalism Not a lot of immigrant history within the Globe and Mail's options of immigrants that were to join Canadian society - the idea was the allow Canadians to have a say in who should be allowed to come to Canada Immigration Canada put a booklet out in 1987 explaining what it meant to be a Multicultural Canadian Captain Canuck (1975) - superhero that sets Canada apart from any other country in the world - belief that by 1993 Canada will be the most powerful country in the world - Canada is a bilingual country so there is no coincidence that Quebec is a sidekick of Captain Canuck Multiculturalism as Nationalism - Canadian culture is based on multiculturalism - diverse, values multiculturalism - multiculturalism has become a defining feature of what it means to be Canadian - Canadians cite multiculturalism, universal healthcare and bilingualism as being distinctly Canadian Immigration Policy - focused in bringing in French and Canadian speaking immigrants from Europe - white-only immigration policy - under Mackenzie King that the racist immigration policy was abolished - points system introduced The Royal Commission on Blingualism and Biculturalism - emphasis on dual cultures - British and French Multiculturalism is designed to help immigrants to overcome cultural barriers -Trudeau - not to emphasize diversity - to integrate immigrants into Canadian society and teach them how to be "Canadian" - consuming the other's culture Multiculturalism as policy - differentiating Canada from the US - US racist, Canada accepting - Canadian exceptionalism is an idealistic account of multiculturalism - celebrates difference but also makes it concrete Where are you from - an attempt to place certain people outside of the Canadian nation by the use of hyphenation - racialization of Canadians on the non-marked ethnic group Multiculturalism has not translated to equality - individuals brought into Canada as immigrants are still immigrants - markers limiting their abilities as non-Canadian Neoliberalism - a political philosophy that emerged in the 1980s - argues that the economy should be central in the organization of social, political and economic life - invisible hand of the market (self-regulation of market) - brings
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