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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Nation or A country

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Laydon

February 3 2011 Lecture 4 Assignmentyou see what are the patterns and determine it function of this assignment is to look at the news coverage and what we think about Canada whats is goingwrite about the patterns Then you move to more detailed analysis25 and 25 pages like where the economy concentrates why there is more crime here and so on Canada 1920 a Snapshot y Populationdistributiona fairy substantial increase in population which was driven by immigration y Infrastructure Rail ways connecting west and easy it was important to tie the countries together to facilitate tradey Urbanization a population that is in need of consuming transportation and so on and it occurs in central Ontario and Quebec y Economy economy is becoming more diversed and the economy is regional based on resource based y HeartlandHinterlandthe result of all this which is Core and Peripheri heartland having good infrastructure good urbanization and economic power where hinterland is the opposite small population resource based economy and weak infrastructure but heartland is very tiedly linked to hinterlandSlide 2 ndThe change is taking place in two places the growth of population 2 the distribution the shift that was taken place Why is it important it shows that we getting economic growth outside the core which is substantial and good Canada 1920 A Nation or a Country Have the task of Confederation Succeded y Spatial discontinuity settlement
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