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Lecture 7

Canada's Native People - Lecture 7 -

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Laydon

Lecture 7 March 10 2011 Canadas Native People PreEuropean Period y Social CulturalEconomic Organization the arrival of Europeans was the worst thing that happened to them as Europeans came they wanted to civilize this new societyy Population SizeDensity one regions population differs from different in terms of agriculture hunting gather or fishingNatives societies engage in similar way as others and we need to recognize that PreConfederation y FrenchNative Relations The French were good to Natives and they were heavily depended on native societies and their numbers were equal to native their relationship changed when the British came y BritishNative Relations The British were bad to Natives they used Natives for trade relations which built a completion their view was to own the land which resulted in exploitationin contrary to Frenchy Treaty Process The British introduced the process which was owned by Crown and given to individualso Recognize Native Ownershipyou have rights o Extinguish Native Rightsover time you give up this rights o Compensation reserve landsyour sent to another land o paymentsyou get compensation payments o hunting rightscrown landslands that were small and not good as they were selling this crown lands to private owners they rights were diminish like no more hunting PostConfederation y Federal Responsibility a govt that is responsible for the native issues which means federal govt had a lot of power and it decided to sign treaties and how to exploit them y Continuation of Treaty Processy Regions withwithout Treaties o Settlement pressures you had to make treaties to establish settlement in southern parts where the land was good o Resource base When the resource is known to govt thats when the treaty is enforced o CostsGovernmentNative Relations y Misunderstandings of treaty process particularly from native people they thought they were sharing the land and not giving up the ownership According to British it was establishing the ownership of the land and creating a commodity y Failure to abide by treatiesFederal govt many times didnt follow the treaty rules like didnt make payments and took back the reserved lands from natives y Treaties temporally static they havent evolved over time
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