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Lecture 8

Resource Economies - Lecture 8 - March 17

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Laydon

Lecture 8 March 17 Resource Economies Regionality in Resources Regionality has had many impacts in terms of economy human settlement geology and so ony Settlement Developmenttrade development has taken place when certain resources were demand o Geography Culture Timey Coreperiphery We tend to see resource based regions as a periphery where the core is constantly exploiting those regions Which has created regional tensions Canada tends to emerge as a periphery country we dont benefit much since we sell it very cheaplyo Within Canada in the WorldWe tend to look at the atlantic region as an old resource based region however recently the development of oil there has changed views Minerals in the Canadian Shield the resources there are not so important and oil is concentrated in Western CanadaCrucial Issues in Resource Development y Addedvalue We dont add value to the resources we have because this resources are exported in raw material If this products were processed you could add value to it and the more money you generate If we own the resources we dont own the extraction the making of this resources Because we need big corporations to do this Then govt policies which concentrated on short terms rather than long terms y Renewablesustainableaccessible Renewable resources that have been there forever and it depends if u use that recourse properly or improperly can cause
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