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Lecture 10

Canada in the World of Globalization - Lecture 10

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 10 April 7 2011 Canada in the World of GlobalizationCanada in the World GATTWTOFTANAFTA y Liberalization of TradeInvestmentwhen we talk about national policy it is focused to protect Canadian industries from US thru placing taxes and tariffs on foreign imports The Idea later was to remove this barriers to allow trade would be beneficial to everyone WTO is dominated by large countries they determine the way the trade will take place NAFTA is more concerned with North America complete freedom of trade with no restrictions Their idea is to establish a market REMEMBER major change since confederation east and west trade relations changes to north and south trade and relations had significant impact on our national identity What is the impactRestructuring of Industry Canada and America removes single economy y MergersAcquisitions the creation of much larger companies the merger consequences are the job losses y Changes in employment relations We are moving more and more toward part time jobs we are more interested in protecting ourselves than the whole y DeskillingReskilling what companies are done
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