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Stephen Swales

Marketing geography: Lecture one:  What is odd about this season- short amount of time with massive amounts of expenditures o Significant cultural factors; buying “stuff” that we don’t need but want  The nature of the market, and the supply o How are these things supplied for the demand o Where are they supplied and where do we get them? Where are the points of supply o What’s their composition; and how does it vary across the nation, city or town? – Like in Toronto and different incomes o How to appeal to the demand to get your money; how to get to these people to compose these goods  Marketing, how to best reach the consumers of goods and services  Marketing geo: how to locate the best reach the consumers of goods and services  Need demand for the supply; but supply does manipulate demand  Why do most restaurants fail within a few short years? o Location (number one reason)  Investments for automobiles: o Huge infrastructure o Media related (more likely to be interrupted) o Not just location  Snow’s study of Cholera households; o Collected data on the deaths (where did they die) o Water pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o Water carrying the disease (pattern) o Cluster pattern of dots (water pumps) – dot density vs. cluster pattern o Hypothesis: more deaths close to one pump = pump contaminated  Something amiss with that pump as there is a cluster od deaths around it o Tested this hypothesis by: took the handle off the pump (aka no wat
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