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Stephen Swales

Lecture Two - Marketing Geography Retail Typology 1. Retail strips/ribbon retail: traditional up-down, outside Two Concepts Essential for Retail 2. Shopping Centres (Malls): main strength is its proximity, emerged late 50- Visibility and Accessibility early 60s, primarily found in suburban (large land needed) a. Atypical shopping malls in urban b. Placed in suburban as intervening oppor. Fastest Type of Retailing c. Building sound barriers in mid-high income countries first but Online would not build shopping malls near them (loses out on visibility) d. Generative stores: big shops which attract people initially but making sure you don't put them together or ppl. comparative shop i. Comparative shop allows them to spread around 1. Subciscient stores are given a chance to be seen which are generally retail strips not independent e. Exits are minimally spaced 3. Ancillary Retail: a facility was built not for retailing but still has retail there 4. Power Retailing (big boxes, category killers, Power centres, power nodes) a. Big Boxes are free standing buildings which are clustered together as power centres found on the outer suburban if there are more than one power centres than you have a power node b. Category killers: Aggressive and better prices (department stores are overridden) CMA Need @ least 100 thousand people: including those in the area and those who (central metropolitan ancillary) commute into the area (communal linkages) Conesus Tract 4 thousand people, compact and homogenous neighborhoods  Smaller d
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