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Stephen Swales

March 21, 2013 Site evaluation using multiple regressions: 1. The concept of regression a. Simple regression: the association btw tow variables positive and negative association, regression coefficient 2. Multiple regression a. The relationship btw a dependent and variable (sales) and several site and situational variables (independent variables – populations, household etc.) 3. How to apply model: a. (Look to textbook for number example) b. Each site your considering, you have to list the potential sites c. Put variables into the equation, telling you what site should generate i. Obvious selected site would be the highest $, however that may not help you- but how much will it cost to occupy the store ii. The more $ the more $ you may have to pay for it (rent etc.) – considerations for the characteristics of the sites d. Households, schools, parking spaces are all +, competition is – e. OR weekly sales, apartments within a mile, pedestrian count are all +, and car accessibility is – i. Can explain your counter intuitive factors in logical ways ii. Explain by the absence of something else; can identity a logical explanation iii. Once you have this equation its easy to go from site to site and have a general idea about each of them f. For a set of existing sites, need data on sales and potential independent variables g. Isolate key factors (variables’, the individual associations of independent variables h. Develop/calibrate the regression model i. This is an analogue example; as you can find similarities i. Where do we find those characteristics- dista
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