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University of Toronto St. George
Stephen Swales

Feb 14 th  Thiessen polygon – Textbook!!  Distance, gravity model, spatial monopoly  Not entirely sure what boundaries you use- what is it closest to? (Constriction line); which ever line is closest to Y you should use  What if there are not other centers- jut extend the lines outwards  The test for the method-  We are looking at the supply points and the competitors; based on the boundaries of the lines of indifference  Supply and demand- market boundary – look to the appendix of text  Census track data-  A problem with the boundaries may be for the places that fall btw two lines; lets fins the center of that location, if it falls inside the service area, you include it; if it is outside you exclude it completely  A more... fair method- either working out the squared kms, or (a little less accurately) you could create a fine grid square system and count how many of the squares make up the consensus area and in the service area  The smaller the grid the better  Centroid proportion grid- to deal with partial CTS  The bi-sectors, to extend the lines till they meet other lines; build up a set of polygons and figure out the market in each  Trade and service area a
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