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Stephen Swales

Jan 24 Lecture Three: • Streets in Halifax or in Europe (for example) are narrow as they were built before there were cars • Basic spatial concepts: o Distance decay o Disincentive nature of distance/friction of distance o Intervening opportunities o Range o Gravity models o Diffusion • Target marketing o CMA- shows different municipalities (Ontario and Quebec) o Showing francophone (yuppies) speakers (French speaking, young adults, high status) o “Yuppies”- mobile professions o In this CMA we are looking at income; looking at the census tracks of above average income (for francophone) o Which company would want to know where francophone yuppies were? Club med- an up scale resort (focused on singles and couples- with money) and it’s a French company. o The market changed as these yuppies are getting older, and could also be having kids (also now the area is less restricted in English speaking) o Why do we want to know where they are? o Renting billboards/outdoor advertising give good exposure- but it depends on traffic passing by and who is interested  Less effort for more return • Market complex, after this class you will change, we will be “knowledgeable” – but really all markets change • Power node – on highway (two or more at an intersection) • Megaplexes – large cinema where we are the target market or consumers • Ecological – make an assumption of a population in an area; to • Distribution- you tend to go where is closest, but there are still people that will go the distance to get to a certain mall etc • Gravity concept: The impact of changing mobility maps (Mennonites) o There are patterns of tightness (sensitive to distance); not going to travel far with horse and buggy or walking Jan 24 o The patterns of less tightness – modern Canadian, and may travel lots; (gravity concepts, the greater the mass the greater the attraction) o The significance of change over time- the modern Canadians are much more mobile; and the Mennonites is what we were in the past o Shift in levels of mobility (helps locat
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