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GGR252 Lecture 1

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Stephen Swales

Tuesday January 7 2014GGR252 Lecture 1IntroductionAccessibility and visibilityare very valuable Highway barriers are absent around commercials areas but present around residential areasLocationspace the arrangement of land uses within a city or across a country planned to some degreeCommercial land use vs public sector land usePrivate sector commercial land use eg shopping mallSeek out the most visible and the most accessible sitesCommand the best sitesDominant type of land use in downtown Tallest towersMost visible parts in terms of height and underground level eg PATHNo obligation to the publicPublic sector land use eg hospitalGeneral hospitals located in suburbs which are widely spaced from each other Services the people around that locationMix of general hospitals and specialized hospitals localized in central locations which are close togetherMost are connected by underground tunnels and share helicopter padsServices a very large populationMust be accessible to a very large number of peopleCentral location of the city is most accessible to a very large number of peopleDifferent mandates from private sector land useSome public se
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