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Lecture 7

Lecture 7-Feb 26

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Herbert Kronzucker

Lecture 7: February 26 Reilly’s Law of Retail Gravitation "Two cities attract trade from an intermediate town in the vicinity of the breaking point approximately in direct proportion to the populations of the two cities and in inverse proportion to the squares of the distances from these two cities to teh intermediate town." Convers Breakpoint Method Note here. Huff Model: Note here. Huff Model: (distance/size/probability) 1. Law of retail gravitation in a probalistic framework. 2. The model: see equation 3. In order to apply the model we need: a) a measure of size/attractiveness (ie number of stores, employees) b) a measure of accessbility: distance, travel time. c) details on market: eg CTs, FSAs, CHHs, POP $, FAMEX d) estimate of friction of distance associated with specific retail type. (exponent b) 4. Applications: Using the model we can: a) assess theoretically the existing market size (POP $, HHS $) for each centre by calculating the portion of each market area (CT/FSA) that will shop at each centre. Theoretical/Normative b) address a number of "what if" questions (strategy/forecasting) How will market share change with the introduction of a new competitor/centre? With the remov
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