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Lecture 8

Lecture 8-March 5-Market Penetration Techniques

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Herbert Kronzucker

Lecture 8: March 5 Market Penetration Techniques: Customer Spotting What proportion of the residentshouseholds in a given area shop at the subject storeshopping centre? ie what is the market penetration? These approaches differ from the normative models such as Thiessen and Huff because they attempt to meausre the actual performance (penetration) rather than suggest what should be given certain assumptions. In order to apply market penetration techniques we need: A list of customers who actually use the store from areas (eg CTs, FSAs) around the store: Customer Spotting (Applebaum 1968) eg affinity cards: air miles. and For the same spatial units (CTs, FSAs): the total number of potential customers. Customer spotting data can be obtained by compiling sales slips, in store contests, affinity cards, surveys, vehicle registrations, credit cards, retailers, own credit cards, data mining, etc. Total potential number of customers can be obtained from: CTs, EAs, FSAs, FAMEX (family expenditure data), enumeration areas. Market Penetration: Actual Performance in particular areas (compare these two data sets)
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