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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

GGR 254 USA Geography Dec. 6, 2010 GGR 254 THEMES AND EXAM -Theme 1 the long-term integration of the USA into the global economy and the international political arena both drives and shapes its development Important bc it has a history to it Product of colonization; expanding Europe Globalization internationalization United States 300 years ago was an important player in the world; today it is still a sole player but this immense power is flawed; terrified that China will knock off their power; immobility Important within the global economy; eg labour costs and Detroit -Theme 2 Changning regional and urban geographies have been shaped American economic, social and political development Buffalo, Southern Texas how that became the new south, oil Military might, specific urban development; eg LA, Washington How regional position shifts over time; manufacturing belt and then the sun belt Regional changes are affected by big things eg political and economy change -Theme 3 the USA has experienced massive growth and acquired unprecedented power, but a great social and economic cost
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