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Lecture 1 - September 12.odt

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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

Lecture 1 - Wednesday September 13 General Course Topics – Describing Data - Graphs ( describing and talking about the graph and you start looking at patterns) – simple Measures – one variable – you do census – Simple Measures – two variable – correlations (connection between two variables, ex education and income) – Probability and Distributions - the chances of something happening (ex- chances of winning a lottery) – Simple probability – Sampling Distributions – Statistical Estimation - ex. Take the test marks of the past 3 years and estimate what those tests marks be in future – there is a process that we have to do and then there is a set of ways and techniques that we have to look at What are (is) Statistics??? – Referring to set of techniques – Any collection of numerical data – Vital Statistics - birth rates, Death rates (Use this data and compare across jurisdictions) – Economic Indicators – unemployment rates, income levels – measuring different things and looking at combination of these, how they all work together – Methodology for collecting , Presenting andAnalyzing data – Summarize findings – Theory validation – Its your argument that matters – Forecast (we can forecast change, ex. What will population of Toronto will look like in 2015 – Evaluate
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