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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - November 14

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Damian Dupuy

Lecture 9 - Novermber 14 - CHECK PAGE 28 – for todays lecture Hypothesis Testing – Two Samples – Often, geographical research entails situations where the objective is to compare two samples 1) Physical geographer is comparing surface runoff levels between: (rain that runsff the survace) – Natural landscape with no human modification – Exurban setting with moderate human modification 2) Economic geographer wishes to examine employment charge in the manufacturing core region versus the periphey. Hypothesizes that employment change in the core is significantly different (or greater than) that of the periphery. 3) Urban Planner is studying differences in average property values between two adjacent subdivisions.All are the same except for: - In one, houses are zoned in clusters, have smaller lots and have access to comunity parklands/public spaces - In other, houses are "cookie-cutter', on large lots, with no parkland or other community space - In comparing two samples, if the sample means are signficantly differen then, can conclude they were drawn from different population Hypothesis Testing – Two Samples III - If the sample means are not significantly different, then can conclude they were drawn from the same population - Test we use is a Two Sample Difference of Means Test - First, we need to decide if the samples are independent or dependt, i.e. Unrelated or related Example for related samples: - demand for post secondary education – pre-increase and after increase of tuition - demand of sample of population for education, for particualr fee, as fees increase, you take another sample , you are measuring the same thing, but you measuring it in two time differences - One time period vs post time period - Basis of the testing proce
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