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variables and data, scales of measurement

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Damian Dupuy

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Statistics LectureSeptember 21 2011Variables and DataA variable is a characteristic of a population that changes or varies over time its something that can be measured over timeoEx How household income changes in a region or country over timeoTwo key categories quantitative and qualitativeQuantitative variables can be discrete 12345 etc or continuous 17 276 445 etc in continuous data the decimals matterQualitative data dont have numbers ex Male or female plant species etcData results from measuring variables use data as the pluraloMultivariate bivariate and univariate Scales of MeasurementA scale defines the amount of information a variable contains and what statistical techniques can be usedFour scales nominal lowest amount of information ordinal interval and ratio highest amount of informationoNominal lowest scale and no numerical value attached to it
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