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Introductory Analytical Methods Do not need textbook, check out:  Statistic without tears  Statistics for dummies When talking about correlation, do not write that the two points cause on another, its not true! Course Topics  Describing Data o Graphs o Simple Measures – one variable, the average , the relationship between the individual values and the average ex. your result vs the class average. o Simple Measures – two variables. Correlations, calculating the value or graphing the data. Deciding if two things are related and how strongly they are related  Probability and Distributions o Simple Probability o Sampling Distributions  Statistical Estimation o Process o Techniques/ Tests What are (is) Statistics??  Any collections of numerical data o Vital statistics – Birth rates, Death Rates  Vital Signs a report about Vital statistics of Toronto, published in October a annual report o Economic Indicators – unemployment rates, income levels: a way of measuring economic success or failure, seeing how successful a city is economically o Social Statistics – poverty rates, crime rates  This correlation is seen when you look at neighborhood change, just because they correlate that doesn’t mean poverty causes crime it may be the government causing the criminal rate  Methodology for Collecting, Presenting and Analyzing Data o Census is a process for collecting Data, allowing policy makers to present and analyze the data o Summarize Findings o Theory Validation o Forecast – allows us to project the future. For example the building of subways you are investing over billion dollars and its going to take 5 years to build, you want to know that the population will not decline and you will be able to build a profit in the future
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